ProWein - Intl Trade Fair @ Exhibition Centre, Düsseldorf, Germany

Mar 18 2007     Mar 20 2007

In order to maintain professional standards, ProWein is open exclusively to trade visitors. You will automatically receive your new Trade Visitor Pass if you have already been registered as a trade visitor in the past. Those who decide at the last minute can register at the trade fair on submission of their trading licence as proof of trade visitor status.

At ProWein some 3,000 exhibitors, 75 % of whom are from outside Germany, present the best fruits of the vine: wines, spirits and sparkling wines. That is why „you can't miss ProWein“, says Stuart Pigott. 84% of international decision-makers from the wines, spirits and sparkling wines industry come to ProWein. The number of show visitors in 2006 was 32,125.

  • ProWein 2007

    One of the major highlights at ProWein are the international tastings, especially as the format employed in Düsseldorf is unique throughout the world. The central tasting zone which features some 1,000 products of international origin is open to trade visitors and has a different thematic focus each year. For over 90 percent of the ProWein professionals, this uncomplicated method of gaining an overview of a specific product line is indispensable to charting the world of wine.

    At the up-coming ProWein the white wine topic in the spotlight is Riesling and similar style products. Demand for white wines of the Riesling variety is growing worldwide. Thanks to the continuing popularity of fresh, fruity wines with a solid acid structure, Riesling is the grape on many lips around the world. The tasting will not only offer ProWein visitors a chance to gain an overview of a key segment of the wine market but also to compare the various styles of Riesling as well as similar styles – i.e. wines of different varieties and origins but with a comparable palate and nose.

    The second subject to receive closer attention at the tasting zone is the red wine blend. Together with the widely grown single varietals, red blends have also earned a firm place on store shelves. In most cases, the various countries and regions of origin offer ranges of blends that represent a comprehensive product line catering to the international trade. Classified according to blend style, proportions of the component grape varieties and country of origin, this tasting will present visitors with an exciting opportunity for comparison and to gain an overview of the global market.