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The Association and its' members are very active in sponsoring tastings and educational events, including Paso Robles University.

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    March - Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival
    May - Paso Robles Wine Festival
    September - Paso Robles University
    October - Paso Robles Harvest Wine Tour
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    Paso Robles grape growers, wineries and wine tasting rooms united to form the Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association in 1993. This non-profit trade organization is dedicated to the promotion and education of the Paso Robles premium wine country.


    The Paso Robles vintners and growers are part of a centuries-old tradition of winemaking in the area. In 1797 the first wine grapes were introduced to Paso Robles by the Spanish Conquistadors and Franciscan missionaries. Cortez, the renowned Spanish explorer, envisioned a prolific wine-producing operation and encouraged settlers from Mexico and other parts of California to cultivate the land. The first vineyardists in the area were the Padres of the Mission San Miguel which is eight miles north of the city of Paso Robles. Ancient fermentation vats and vine-inspired art work still adorn the Mission San Miguel complex.

    Commercial winemaking was introduced to the Paso Robles region in 1882 when Andrew York, a settler from Indiana, began planting vineyards and established the Ascension Winery at what is now York Mountain Winery. When York purchased the land it was primarily apple orchards, with a small plot of wine grape vines. York found that the climate and soil were more appropriate for vineyards and began zealously planting more. Within a few years he found that the vines were yielding more than he could market, prompting him to build a small stone winery. York initially sold his wines in nearby San Luis Obispo and as wines grew in popularity he expanded, eventually selling to places as far off as the east coast. Today York Mountain Winery remains the oldest winery in continuous operation in the Paso Robles area.

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