Minnesota Grape Growers Association / Lake City, MN

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    The MGGA sponsors workshops, tours, tastings of locally produced wines and sponsors an important annual Symposium on cold climate viticulture featuring speakers from the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
    January - Meeting & Symposium
    February - Cold Climate Grape & Wine Conference

    Membership dues are $30.00 / year, which includes the Quarterly Newsletter: "Notes from the North, our educational Annual Report, "Growing Grapes in Minnesota", and an invitation to all MGGA functions.
    "Growing Grapes in Minnesota", a 67 page book written by MGGA members,
    is now available for $ 8.50.  New growers with cool climate sites should
    find it very instructive.  Some of the subjects covered  are:
    Climate considerations.
    Site selection.
    Vineyard economics.
    Vine propagation.
    Soil preparation.
    Planting design and row spacing.
    First and second season care.
    Vine canopy management.
    Choosing a training system.
    Weed control in an established vineyard.
    Fertilization and nutrition.
    Cover crops.
    Winter protection.
    Insect and animal pests of grapes.
    Calendar of labor.
    Grape varieties.

    To purchase "Growing Grapes in Minnesota", send $8.50 to Minnesota
    Grape Growers Association at the address shown on the "Membership"
    page.  If you join MGGA, the $30 membership fee includes "Growing
    Grapes in Minnesota."

    Minnesota Grape Growers Association
    35680 HWY. 61 BLVD.
    Lake City, MN 55041
    Email: grapes@rconnect.com