Check out up-coming tastings and classes in LONDON


One of the joys of living in London, or coming in as a visitor, is the chance to sit in on a great wine tasting or take a course and sharpen your knowledge on wine. London is the ancestral home for wine education and the wine merchant trade. It is as vital today as it ever was. Check these sites:

  • WSET Check out the source for wine courses throughout the UK and the world!
  • LONDON WINE ACADEMY Register now in one of the Academy's rewarding workshops, a wine and food course or spend a Wine Weekend in France
  • FINE WINE EXPERIENCE Linden Wilkie delivers wonderfully memorable events and has an extraordinary schedule of tastings and dinners posted.
  • CONNOISSEUR'S Confirm your spot in one of Connoisseur's schedule classes, tastings or special events.
  • CHRISTIE'S Christie's occasionally offers five-week wine courses and scheduled tastings.
  • LAY & WHEELER In its 153rd year, this renown wine merchant sometimes offers a lively events schedule.!
  • SOTHEBYS' Check for a return of Sothebys' wine courses.